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Business Growth

Elevate your business by mastering essential entrepreneurial skills. Learn the intricacies of running a successful business and witness substantial growth in your ventures. One such way is to engage in weekly knowledge-sharing sessions with our Business Director and Business Coach through “Wednesday Wisdom.” Gain exclusive insights tailored for business growth, where expert advice and strategic guidance become the cornerstone of your continuous learning journey. Participate in these sessions to unlock the wisdom needed to propel your virtual assistant business to new heights each week.

Code of Ethics

Uphold industry integrity and excellence by embracing and adhering to our Code of Ethics. Our member’s commitment contributes to uplifting the standards of the entire virtual assistant industry.

Coffee Chat

Immerse yourself in a secure and welcoming space during our monthly Coffee Chats. Forge valuable connections with fellow members, fostering a supportive community where businesses thrive alongside personal growth.


Break free from isolation by joining a vibrant community of like-minded Virtual Assistants and other members. Discover that you are not alone on your professional journey, as mutual support becomes the cornerstone of your success.

Continuous Development

Harness the power of continuous learning to unlock your full potential. Develop new skills, gain self-awareness, and evolve as a business owner through our commitment to ongoing education and personal development.


Bolster your professional reputation by affiliating with a credible organisation. Showcase your credibility with a personalised member’s vetted stamp, distinguishing yourself as a Virtual Assistant of high standing.

Member’s Only Portal

Dive into a wealth of resources, event bookings, and a myriad of exclusive benefits within our Members Only Portal. Enjoy a centralised hub tailored to your needs, fostering convenience and efficiency in managing your membership.


Access invaluable mentoring and coaching resources to propel your career forward. Benefit from experienced guidance that empowers you to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities.


Expand your professional network through a variety of hosted events. Every gathering provides a unique opportunity to connect with other VAs, fostering collaborative partnerships and business growth.

Onboarding Session

Navigate the nuances of our organisation with ease by attending a mandatory onboarding session. Have your questions answered and gain insights into effectively navigating our website, ensuring a seamless integration into our community.


Equip yourself with clear guidelines on client rates and understand fair compensation expectations. As a member, access valuable insights to make informed decisions that benefit both you and your clients.


Seize the chance to showcase your services prominently. Whether it’s on our website or through shared social media posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, elevate your visibility and attract potential clients.

Social Media

Gain additional credibility through our social media announcements. Celebrate new members and have your own posts featured on our profiles, amplifying your presence in the virtual assistant community.


Streamline your processes with ready-to-use templates, exclusively available to our members. Enhance your efficiency and professionalism with a collection of tools designed to support your virtual assistant business.


Validate your credibility as a Virtual Assistant through our meticulous vetting process. Clients can trust in the support of a reputable organisation, making collaboration with you a seamless and reliable experience.

Workshops & Training

Fuel your personal and professional growth through tailored workshops and training sessions. Empower yourself with the skills needed to stay ahead in a dynamic industry, ensuring continuous evolution as an individual and business owner.